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Release 0.49 ๐ŸŽ„#

2023-12-21 ยท Full Changelog


@steiler added support for container healthchecks in #1426. Now you can specify healthcheck parameters for your containers in the lab topology file and Containerlab will configure the healthcheck for you.

This allows you to monitor health of your containerlab nodes as well as serves as a prerequisite for the upcoming dependency manager improvements to create dependencies on healthiness of the lab nodes.

OpenBSD support#

Fearless @dteslya added support for the mighty OpenBSD in #1762. Not only you can deploy labs with OpenBSD, but also startup config support were baked in.

Juniper Evolved (EVO) support#

Thanks to @akielaries Containerlab got another platform under its belt! Welcome Juniper vJunos-Evolved #1775.

Cisco FTDv support#

Again thanks to @dteslya we now have support for Cisco FTDv platform #1783.


  • Ctrl+C now does not remove the lab files #1769
  • When using filters to execute commands with exec, the error is now returned if no nodes match the filter #1786
  • ixia-c example lab has been updated by @bortok to feature latest developments done for the ixia-c kind #1795