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Release 0.25#


Graph re-imagined#

Since containerlab's inception, the focus has been on text files representing topology. While defining topologies in text format is a nice, git-friendly way of defining labs, we can't neglect the fact that having a nice visualisation of a topology is a compelling feature to have.

With this release, we're adding a re-vamped graph engine based on the NeXt UI framework.


The new graph can be easily generated with the retrofitted graph command:

containerlab graph -t <topology-file>

cEOS interface mapping file#

Starting with Arista cEOS 4.28 it is now possible to provide an interface mapping file that specifies which container interfaces are mapped to which ceos interfaces. This adds flexibility in interface mappings. #787

IPInfusion OcNOS#

A new VM-based network OS has been added - IPInfusion OcNOS. An interesting fact about this image - it was built with boxen project.


  • numerous improvements to the resolve-path logic
  • container's ulimits will be set to the host's values #825
  • duplication of statically assigned management addresses will be detected
  • added ceos-copy-to-flash extra node property to allow copying files to flash dir #819
  • containerlab's topology backup file will now be created in the same dir as the original topo file. Before, it was created in the current working dir
  • containerlab will stop if less than 2 vcpu has been detected and srlinux nodes were defined in a topology
  • topology verification step has been enhanced to check if srlinux interface names comply with the expected structure of e1-1 or e1-1-1 pattern
  • containerlab site moved to domain
  • new community posts



  • graph is now served on address instead of localhost. This enables reaching graphs on headless servers without any port forwarding.