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Release 0.13.0#


Cisco CSR1000v support#

Added support for Cisco CSR1000v system via vr-csr kind.

RouterOS support#

With vr-ros kind added support for Mikrotik RouterOS system.

Arista cEOS improvements#

This patch release brings the following improvements to Arista cEOS:

  1. Arista Ma0 MAC address is now having Arista OUI, instead of docker generated local MAC. Additionally, System MAC address is now generated as the next MAC address from Ma0 interface.
  2. ETBA environment variable is set to 4, from its original value of 1.
  3. Default cEOS configuration now has the following config line to allow for enhanced BGP daemon to run on startup:
    service routing protocols model multi-agent

Attachments to management network#

With a new reserved endpoint definition it is now possible to attach data interface of a node to the management network.


  • a warning message will be displayed if container host has less than 1GB of free memory
  • a lab won't deploy if a user specified eth0 interface in the links section as this is not a possible configuration
  • Now it is possible to safely use - (dashes) in lab name.

New contributors#

Thanks to @kellerza, @burnyd, @dharmbhai, @dpnetca for providing some of these enhancements and joining our contributors ranks!