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Release 0.53#

2024-03-25 ยท Full Changelog

Fortinet Fortigate#

@robotwalk added support for the Fortinet Fortigate firewall image. Refer to the fortinet_fortigate kind documentation to learn more about the supported options.


After clearing the OpenBSD, @dteslya added support for the FreeBSD kind as well!

Containerlab to Drawio#

@FloSch62 created a new tool - clab-io-draw - that allows containerlab users to generate drawio (aka diagrams from their containerlab topologies. The tool is available as a standalone container image, and we packaged it under the containerlab graph --drawio command to make it easier to use.



This feature is in the "preview" status, we will likely change the command structure in the next release.


  • Support for SR Linux release 24.3+
  • fixed container network mode #1940
  • first steps in making containerlab consumable as a package #1906