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Release 0.45#

2023-09-20 ยท Full Changelog


Thanks to contributions from @akielaries done in #1553 and accompanying vrnetlab PR containerlab gets support for Juniper vJunos-switch. This is a new VM-based virtual product from Juniper that has been integrated in containerlab by juniper folks, kudos to them!

Find topology file in a directory#

For quite a while containerlab had two ways of finding which topology file to use when deploying/destroing/inspecting a lab:

  1. when users provide a path to a topology file via -t flag, containerlab will use that file
  2. when users do not provide a path to a topology file (no -t flag present), containerlab would search for a file named *.clab.yml in the current directory and use it.

Now @steiler enhanced this functionality by making sure that if a user provides a path with -t flag that points to a directory, then we will apply topology file finding logic in this directory, instead of bailing out with an error.


@bewing added a new node parameter called suppress-config to give users ability to suppress startup config generation for a given node or a set of nodes. This is particularly useful in scenarios when you want to test ZTP and thus make sure containerlab doesn't add anything on its own accord.


  • ansible proxy variable is added to containerlab produced ansible inventory #1571
  • ca cert and node certs now have a default country code set to US #1592
  • default link MTU is now fixed to be 9500 again #1583



  • fix panic when no keys are present for srlinux node