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5-stage Clos fabric

Description A 5-stage CLOS topology based on Nokia SR Linux
Components Nokia SR Linux
Resource requirements1 4
8 GB
Topology file clos02.clab.yml
Name clos02


This labs provides a lightweight folded 5-stage CLOS fabric with Super Spine level bridging two PODs.

The topology is additionally equipped with the Linux containers connected to leaves to facilitate use cases which require access side emulation.

Use cases#

With this lightweight CLOS topology a user can exhibit the following scenarios:

  • perform configuration tasks applied to the 5-stage CLOS fabric
  • demonstrate fabric behavior leveraging the user-emulating linux containers attached to the leaves

Configuration setup#

To help you get faster to the provisioning of the services on this mini fabric we added an auto-configuration script to this example.

In order to make a fully deterministic lab setup we added another topology file called setup.clos02.clab.yml where the management interfaces of each network node and clients are statically addressed with mgmt-ipv4/6 config option. Other than that, the topology files does not have any changes.


The configuration of the fabric elements is carried out with gnmic client, therefore it needs to be installed on the machine where you run the lab.

Run instructions#

First deploy this topology as per usual:

containerlab deploy -t setup.clos02.clab.yml

Once the lab is deployed, execute the configuration script:


Configuration schema#

The setup script will use the following IP addresses across the nodes of the lab:

The script will configure the following:

  1. IP addresses for Management, System and Link interfaces of leaves and spines.
  2. IP addresses for Clients eth0 (Management) and eth1 interfaces.
  3. BGP, ISIS & OSPF protocols.

The following table outlines the addressing plan used in this lab:

Source Interface Towards IPv4 IPv6
leaf1 mgmt0.0 - 2001:172:100:100::2/64
system0.0 - 3000:30:0:0::1/128
ethernet-1/1.0 spine1 1000:10:0:0::0/127
ethernet-1/2.0 spine2 1000:10:0:0::2/127
ethernet-1/3.0 client1 1000:10:0:0::24/127
leaf2 mgmt0.0 - 2001:172:100:100::3/64
system0.0 - 3000:30:0:0::2/128
ethernet-1/1.0 spine1 1000:10:0:0::4/127
ethernet-1/2.0 spine2 1000:10:0:0::6/127
ethernet-1/3.0 client2 1000:10:0:0::26/127
leaf3 mgmt0.0 - 2001:172:100:100::4/64
system0.0 - 3000:30:0:0::3/128
ethernet-1/1.0 spine3 1000:10:0:0::12/127
ethernet-1/2.0 spine4 1000:10:0:0::14/127
ethernet-1/3.0 client3 1000:10:0:0::28/127
leaf4 mgmt0.0 - 2001:172:100:100::5/64
system0.0 - 3000:30:0:0::4/128
ethernet-1/1.0 spine3 1000:10:0:0::16/127
ethernet-1/2.0 spine4 1000:10:0:0::18/127
ethernet-1/3.0 client4 1000:10:0:0::30/127
spine1 mgmt0.0 - 2001:172:100:100::6/64
system0.0 - 3000:30:0:0::5/128
ethernet-1/1.0 leaf1 1000:10:0:0::1/127
ethernet-1/2.0 leaf2 1000:10:0:0::5/127
ethernet-1/3.0 superspine1 1000:10:0:0::8/127
spine2 mgmt0.0 - 2001:172:100:100::7/64
system0.0 - 3000:30:0:0::6/128
ethernet-1/1.0 leaf1 1000:10:0:0::3/127
ethernet-1/2.0 leaf2 1000:10:0:0::7/127
ethernet-1/3.0 superspine2 1000:10:0:0::10/127
spine3 mgmt0.0 - 2001:172:100:100::8/64
system0.0 - 3000:30:0:0::7/128
ethernet-1/1.0 leaf3 1000:10:0:0::13/127
ethernet-1/2.0 leaf4 1000:10:0:0::17/127
ethernet-1/3.0 superspine1 1000:10:0:0::20/127
spine4 mgmt0.0 - 2001:172:100:100::9/64
system0.0 - 3000:30:0:0::8/128
ethernet-1/1.0 leaf3 1000:10:0:0::15/127
ethernet-1/2.0 leaf4 1000:10:0:0::19/127
ethernet-1/3.0 superspine2 1000:10:0:0::22/127
superspine1 mgmt0.0 - 2001:172:100:100::10/64
system0.0 - 3000:30:0:0::9/128
ethernet-1/1.0 spine1 1000:10:0:0::9/127
ethernet-1/2.0 spine3 1000:10:0:0::21/127
superspine2 mgmt0.0 - 2001:172:100:100::11/64
system0.0 - 3000:30:0:0::10/128
ethernet-1/1.0 spine2 1000:10:0:0::11/127
ethernet-1/2.0 spine4 1000:10:0:0::23/127
client1 eth0 - 2001:172:100:100::12/64
eth1 leaf1 1000:10:0:0::25/127
client2 eth0 - 2001:172:100:100::13/64
eth1 leaf2 1000:10:0:0::27/127
client3 eth0 - 2001:172:100:100::14/64
eth1 leaf3 1000:10:0:0::29/127
client4 eth0 - 2001:172:100:100::15/64
eth1 leaf4 1000:10:0:0::31/127

Configuration snippets that are used to provision the nodes are contained within the configs subdirectory.

  1. Resource requirements are provisional. Consult with SR Linux Software Installation guide for additional information.