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Release 0.31#


External containers#

As people of cloud started to use containerlab to test features on the intersection of networking and compute domains, it became evident that containerlab lacked an option to schedule a container in the network namespace of an external container. For example, the need was to start a containerlab lab and stitch it nicely to the k8s kind cluster nodes which run some CNIs that are willing to talk to the network nodes launched in containerlab.

With #969 being merged we are adding this capability and making it easy to bridge emulated network nodes with k8s nodes running with kind.

SAN support for SR Linux certificates#

With SANs node property users can set subject alternative names for certificates that get generated by containerlab. Currently, this is only implemented for SR Linux #968.


  • startup config template files can leverage gomplate functions #955
  • Logs are now printed to stderr. This is mainly done to make sure that when we print any json, you can parse it with jq without logging info getting in the way #958
  • containerlab version check can now be skipped if CLAB_VERSION_CHECK env var is set to disable #959
  • mysocketio information will now be printed in json output #887
  • gnmi unix socket is now enabled by default for SR Linux nodes #965



  • added support for saving configuration for numerous vrnetlab-based nodes #973
  • updated lab examples to be sourced from the main branch instead of master #978
  • enhancements to config templates loader #974