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Release 0.19#


Containerlab container#

In this release our build pipeline finally started to produce container images with containerlab inside.

This allows you to use containerlab on systems that have container runtime installed without requiring any installation whatsoever.

Yes, a container with containerlab inside, so that you can launch containers from a container.

Experimental vQFX support#

With the help of @chriscummings-esnet we added experimental support for Juniper vQFX images built with vrnetlab. It may be rough around the edges, but should be a good start for future enhancements and improvements.

Mysocket support for HTTP proxies#

Our famous mysocketio integration that allows you to share labs effortlessly and secure has been enhanced with proxy support.

With HTTP proxy support it is now possible to share lab access in the environments that have external SSH access blocked.


  • SR Linux variants have been expanded with support for IXR-H2 and IXR-H3 chassis.
  • The 5 stage Clos lab example has been extended with a full blown configuration of the fabric using gnmic as a vehicle to push configs to all the nodes of this lab.

New contributors#

Welcome @chriscummings-esnet, @sacckth, @siva19susi, @marcosfsch and thank you for your contributions to containerlab!



  • fixed ovs-bridge kind name
  • increased readiness timeout for SR Linux nodes to 120s to allow for slow boot on busy VMs
  • increased external API timeouts (towards docker API) to 120s
  • increased SSH allocated terminal width for config engine to deal with long cfg lines on SR Linux
  • changed default license path on cRPD to make license to apply on boot


  • fixed tools veth create command #667
  • fixed save command for vr-csr nodes
  • added config engine example (has been sunsetted in the course of 0.54.2+)