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Release 0.37#

2023-02-21 ยท Full Changelog

Certificates refactoring#

Breaking change!

Refactoring of the certificates handling in containerlab done in #1219 introduces a few breaking changes.

First, the certificates are now stored in the <lab-dir>/.tls directory1.

CA certificate and key are now placed under the <lab-dir>/.tls/ca directory2.

Certificates are now generated for every node in the lab, but this may be configurable in the future.

After upgrading to v0.37 make sure to deploy the labs using the -c flag to remove old lab directory and generate new certificates.

Custom location for containerlab lab base directory#

By default, containerlab creates a lab directory (that is the one named clab-xxx) in the current working directory. This is not always convenient, especially when you want to run containerlab from a different directory than the one where you want to store the lab files. To address this issue, we have added a new environment variable CLAB_LAB_DIR_BASE that allows you to specify the location of the lab directory. #1248 #1250

Docker v23 compatibility#

In #1257 we have added support for Docker v23. This is a major release of Docker that brings some changes to the API specifically. We have tested containerlab with Docker v23 and it seems to work fine. However, we have not tested all the features of containerlab with Docker v23, so if you find any issues, please let us know.


  • SR Linux gNMI/gNOI server rate-limit increased to 65000 #1239
  • Big refactoring of the path handling #1238



  • removed compression with upx as it caused selinux violations on Rocky Linux v9+ #1264

  1. Previous path was <lab-dir>/ca 

  2. Previous path was <lab-dir>/ca/root