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Release 0.42#

2023-06-17 ยท Full Changelog

Home dir for sudo user#

Now when you run sudo containerlab deploy, the topology files will be searched in the home directory of the user that runs the command and not the root user. Before that change users had to use sudo -E to preserve the environment variables and run the command as the current user. Now we made it simpler, just in the spirit of containerlab. #1412


  • Optimized link creation #1395
  • Kernel version check is performed for topologies with SR Linux nodes which require kernel v4.10+ #1415
  • SNMP has been added to the list of services that are enabled by default in SR Linux #1416
  • Checkpoint named clab-initial is automatically generated on SR Linux nodes when the node is booted #1431
  • Partial startup configs with no commands do not cause panic anymore #1423