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Release 0.33#


External container kind#

With a new ext-container kind it is possible to enrich clab topology with nodes scheduled by other tools (e.g. k8s-kind). Thanks @steiler.

Graph enhancements#

Thanks to @gamerslouis our graph feature got some important fixes like properly displaying bridge properties in #1097 and renders bridges in offline mode in #1098.

SR OS and BOF persistency#

Making SR OS BOF persistent was not a trivial task, but @mabra94 added a nice doc section explaining how bind mounts and boot-good-exec SR OS option combined can achieve that. #1107


  • fixed ssse3 check #1092
  • housekeeping item by @steiler - default node embedding #1099
  • startup-config support for PAN OS nodes #1109
  • save CPU from spinning when waiting for nodes to boot #1108