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Dell Enterprise SONiC#

Dell Enterprise SONiC VM is identified with dell_sonic kind in the topology file. It is built using vrnetlab project and essentially is a Qemu VM packaged in a docker container format.

Managing Dell SONiC nodes#

Dell SONiC node launched with containerlab can be managed via the following interfaces:


  1. Dell SONiC node will take ~2min to fully boot.
    You can monitor the progress with docker logs -f <container-name>.

  2. Default credentials are admin:admin

To open a linux shell simply type in

ssh <node-name>

You will enter the bash shell of the VM:

❯ ssh <node name>
Debian GNU/Linux 10
admin@clab-dell_sonic-ds's password: 
Linux ds 5.10.0-21-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.162-1 (2023-01-21) x86_64
You are on
  ____   ___  _   _ _  ____
 / ___| / _ \| \ | (_)/ ___|
 \___ \| | | |  \| | | |
  ___) | |_| | |\  | | |___
 |____/ \___/|_| \_|_|\____|

-- Software for Open Networking in the Cloud --

Unauthorized access and/or use are prohibited.
All access and/or use are subject to monitoring.


From within the Linux shell users can perform system configuration using linux utilities, or connect to the SONiC CLI using vtysh command.

admin@sonic:~$ vtysh

Hello, this is FRRouting (version 8.2.2).
Copyright 1996-2005 Kunihiro Ishiguro, et al.


to connect to sonic-vm CLI via telnet

telnet <container-name/id> 5000

Interfaces mapping#

Dell SONiC container uses the following mapping rules for its interfaces:

  • eth0 - management interface connected to the containerlab management network
  • eth1 - first data (front-panel port) interface that is mapped to Ethernet0 port
  • eth2 - second data interface that is mapped to Ethernet4 port. Any new port will result in a "previous interface + 4" (Ethernet4) mapping.

When containerlab launches sonic-vs node, it will assign IPv4/6 address to the eth0 interface. Data interface eth1 mapped to Ethernet0 port and needs to be configured with IP addressing manually.

Features and options#

Startup configuration#

VM-based SONiC supports the startup-config feature. The startup configuration file is a JSON file that is available in the VM's filesystem by the /etc/sonic/config_db.json path.

Extracting the config from a running node is possible with containerlab save command. The config will be available in the lab directory.