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Release 0.27#


Multiple kind names#

When we started containerlab, using short kind names was easy. Everybody knew that srl is SR Linux, and, say, ceos is cEOS. As we grew, more people started to use containerlab and not everyone knew the short names of NOSes.

Therefore we added an ability to use long names for kinds, for example, nokia_srlinux or arista_ceos. These new "long" names have been added to kind docs.

Juniper vQFX and Juniper vMX startup config#

We finally added support to provision vMX and vQFX with startup configuration. The same startup-config node property allows users to point to a file that contains configuration lines that will get applied to a network element when it starts.


  • SR Linux nodes will be able to use the names of the other nodes of the same #891



  • adding missing config dir mount for vMX