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Release 0.34 🎄#


Cisco XRd support#

Thanks to @trustywolf we finally landed support for Cisco XRd! No more dealing with a 16GB mem-hungry VM monster when all you need is a control plane. #1144

Major codebase refactoring#

@steiler went into the berzerk mode and refactored half of the containerlab's internal code base to have a cleaner separation of packages, internal APIs and increased extensibility.

This change was carried over in multiple PRs and touched a lot of files; while we did quite some testing and maintained the same user experience, there might be things that work differently, do let us know if there is something out of order.


  • Containerlab can now be installed on Core OS #1115
  • Fixed pull image function to support pulling images without explicit tags #1123
  • Memory calculation function has been fixed to report on available memory, not just free one #1133