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Single SR Linux node

Description a single Nokia SR Linux node
Components Nokia SR Linux
Resource requirements1 2
2 GB
Topology file srl01.clab.yml
Name srl01


A lab consists of a single SR Linux container equipped with a single interface - its management interface. No other network/data interfaces are created.

The SR Linux's mgmt interface is connected to the containerlab docker network that is created as part of the lab deployment process. The mgmt interface of SRL will get IPv4/6 address information via DHCP service provided by docker daemon.

Use cases#

This lightweight lab enables the users to perform the following exercises:

  • get familiar with SR Linux architecture
  • explore SR Linux extensible CLI
  • navigate the SR Linux YANG tree
  • play with gNMI2 and JSON-RPC programmable interfaces
  • write/debug/manage custom apps built for SR Linux NDK

  1. Resource requirements are provisional. Consult with SR Linux Software Installation guide for additional information. 

  2. Check out gnmic gNMI client to interact with SR Linux gNMI server.