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Release 0.22#


SR Linux password-less login#

Containerlab now generates yet another file that will be stored in a lab directory - authorized_keys. This file will catenate all public keys found in ~/.ssh directory.

SR Linux nodes will mount this file for admin, linuxadmin, and root users; this will allow for password-less SSH access 😂

Containerlab schema#

To help users navigate in the sheer sea of configuration options containerlab has, we cleaned up the JSON schema.

Reworked prefix logic#

In 0.16, we added a new top-level field - prefix - to let users decide if they want to have containers prefixed with a string other than clab. Now we got a few requests to make containers ditch the prefixes altogether, such as if you named a node mynode it will be created as a mynode container.

Your wish came true. Now, if you have an empty string prefix, the container name will be stripped of everything but name. The magic __lab-name prefix value will add lab name to the container name; leaving the prefix out in the topo file will set the container name to clab-<lab-name>-<node-name>. Read more here.


  • new SR Linux variants ixrd2l and ixrd3l have been added in #726
  • containerlab assigned SR Linux MACs will have 1a:b0: prefix and the node index will be the rightmost byte. This makes it easier to identify the macs in the outputs. #713
  • our beloved users created some awesome blogs and streams about containerlab! We featured them on our community page.
  • fixed doubled dot in the container's fqdn #724
  • tools cert command gained more checks #725