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disable-tx-offload command#


The disable-tx-offload command under the tools command disables tx checksum offload for eth0 interface of a container referenced by its name.

The need for disable-tx-offload might arise when you launch a container outside of containerlab or restart a container. Some nodes, like SR Linux, will require correct checksums in TCP packets; thus, it is needed to disable checksum offload on those containers to do checksum calculations instead of offloading it.


containerlab tools disable-tx-offload [local-flags]



With the local mandatory --container | -c flag, a user specifies which container to remove tx offload.


# disable tx checksum offload on gnmic container
 clab tools disable-tx-offload -c clab-st-gnmic
INFO[0000] getting container 'clab-st-gnmic' information 
INFO[0000] Tx checksum offload disabled for eth0 interface of clab-st-gnmic container