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save command#


The save command perform configuration save for all the containers running in a lab.

The exact command that performs configuration save depends on a given kind. The below table explains the method used for each kind:

Kind Command Notes
Nokia SR Linux sr_cli -d tools system configuration save
Nokia SR OS delivered via netconf RPC copy-config running startup
Arista cEOS Cli -p 15 -c wr


containerlab [global-flags] save [local-flags]


topology | name#

With the global --topo | -t or --name | -n flag a user specifies from which lab to take the containers and perform the save configuration task.


# save the configuration of the containers running in lab named srl02
❯ containerlab save -n srl02
INFO[0001] clab-srl02-srl1: stdout: /system:
    Generated checkpoint '/etc/opt/srlinux/checkpoint/checkpoint-0.json' with name 'checkpoint-2020-11-18T09:00:54.998Z' and comment ''

INFO[0002] clab-srl02-srl2: stdout: /system:
    Generated checkpoint '/etc/opt/srlinux/checkpoint/checkpoint-0.json' with name 'checkpoint-2020-11-18T09:00:56.444Z' and comment ''

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