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save command#


The save command perform configuration save for all the containers running in a lab.

The exact command that performs configuration save depends on a given kind. The below table explains the method used for each kind:

Kind Command Notes
Nokia SR Linux sr_cli -d tools system configuration save
Nokia SR OS delivered via netconf RPC copy-config running startup
Arista cEOS Cli -p 15 -c wr


containerlab [global-flags] save [local-flags]


topology | name#

With the global --topo | -t or --name | -n flag a user specifies from which lab to take the containers and perform the save configuration task.

When the topology file flag is omitted, containerlab will try to find the matching file name by looking at the current working directory. If a single file is found, it will be used.


# save the configuration of the containers running in lab named srl02
❯ containerlab save -n srl02
INFO[0001] clab-srl02-srl1: stdout: /system:
    Generated checkpoint '/etc/opt/srlinux/checkpoint/checkpoint-0.json' with name 'checkpoint-2020-11-18T09:00:54.998Z' and comment ''

INFO[0002] clab-srl02-srl2: stdout: /system:
    Generated checkpoint '/etc/opt/srlinux/checkpoint/checkpoint-0.json' with name 'checkpoint-2020-11-18T09:00:56.444Z' and comment ''