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Release 0.47#

2023-10-20 ยท Full Changelog

Remote labs#

Making labs easily accessible is one of the main goals of Containerlab. With this release, we are introducing a new feature that allows you to deploy labs even faster and easier. You can now deploy labs by simply referring to a github repository!

Containerlab will clone the repository on your behalf and deploy the topology. Hey, it can't be easier than that!

Read more about this feature in the deploy command reference.

Delivered in #1654.

Auto-provisioning of DNS servers for the SR Linux management VRF#

Containerlab is now able to automatically detect which DNS servers are configured on the hosts and configure them in the SR Linux'es management VRF accordingly. This aligns SR Linux nodes behavior with the behavior of regular containers launched by Docker where the DNS requests are handled by Docker's DNS resolver #1650.

SSH Config#

Even though auto accepting the changed host key is in the DNA of network engineers, the warning message is still annoying.

Containerlab now generates an SSH config file for each lab that removes the host key check and sets the username to the one known to Containerlab. Making it even easier to quickly SSH into the nodes #1660.


  • fixes to mgmt0 interface config on SR Linux nodes #1641
  • MAC address config for macvlan links #1642
  • documentation fix for extended links format #1649
  • podman exec command fix #1653
  • APT/YUM repositories are now automatically added to all SR Linux nodes. They are used to install NDK apps and CLI plugins provided by Nokia #1657
  • SR Linux's mgmt0.0 interface is now auto-configured with the correct IP-MTU value #1658



  • Do not extract more than 3 DNS servers from the host's resolv.conf #1671, #1672


  • Do not populate DNS servers for nodes in network-mode: container:<some-container> as these options are mutually exclusive #1676