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Release 0.28#


Topology file auto-detect#

With embedded shorthands containerlab->clab, deploy->dep and so on, we made using containerlab over the CLI a fast and pleasant experience. But even then, typing clab dep -t mytopo.clab.yml is one argument too long.

Please welcome the topology file auto-detect feature which turns clab dep -t mytopo.clab.yml to just clab dep 🥳


A single file matching *.clab.y*ml pattern must be present in the current working directory for auto-detect feature to work.

Should you have multiple topology files, use the --topo flag as before.

Ignite-based linux containers#

Weaveworks/ignite runtime integration that was added by @networkop for Cumulus VX nodes got a new application. With #910 merged, users now can run Linux VMs in a container packaging and leverage VM-like experience while running lightweight and fast.


  • added -c shorthand for --reconfigure as it is very handy to use clab dep -c to cleanly redeploy the lab during the iterations of lab build-out.



  • fixed crpd kind name #922
  • added missing kinds to clab.schema.json
  • ceos nodes now have default route pointing to management gw address #920
  • iptables has been added to clab container #921
  • diagrams rendering engine update to latest version