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Release 0.44#

2023-08-17 ยท Full Changelog

A long-awaited feature landed in this release. We are adding two new tools commands:

These commands allow users to set link impairments (delay, jitter, packet loss) on any link that belongs to a container node and create labs simulating real-world network conditions.

setting packet loss at 10% rate on eth1 interface of clab-netem-r1 node
containerlab tools netem set -n clab-netem-r1 -i eth1 --loss 10

External CA#

Containerlab used to generate Certificate Authority certs and keys to create node certs. While this satisfies most lab deployments, some users wanted to bring their own CA to containerlab. And here it is.

Now it is possible to provide a path to external CA cert and key files via a newly introduced settings section in the clab file which will instruct containerlab to create node certs using this "external" CA.

Read more about this feature in the Certificates Management document.

Aruba AOS-CX#

Aruba AOS-CX comes to containerlab! Thanks to @ssasso for his first and we hope not last contribution.


  • test harness powered by robot has been upgraded to rf 6.1.1 and CLAB_BIN env var is unified across all tests #1506
  • instructions how to run Containerlab on Macs with ARM chips added in #1508
  • ssh keys installation for srlinux has been adapted to support config-based ssh keys #1511
  • big internal refactoring of links done by @steiler in #1475



  • fix: TCP sessions on srlinux were not establishing due to missing disabled tx offload #1537
  • fix: links to ovs bridges were blocked #1534


  • fixing concurrent attempt to link deployment #1541


  • fixing CLAB_INTFS env var #1547
  • fixing node filtering functionality #1549
  • fixing ovs bridges and openflow 1.3 #1539
  • remove ovs ports when the lab is destroyed #1545
  • added doc entry for extended link format #1531