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Containerlab launches, wires up and manages container based labs. The steps required to launch a vanilla debian or centos container image aren't at all different. On the other hand, Nokia SR Linux launching procedure is nothing like the one for Arista cEOS.

Things like required syscalls, mounted directories, entrypoints and commands to execute are all different for the containerized NOS'es. To let containerlab understand which launching sequence to use, the notion of a kind was introduced. Essentially kinds abstract away the need to understand certain setup peculiarities of different NOS'es.

Given the following topology definition file, containerlab is able to know how to launch node1 as an SR Linux container and node2 as a cEOS one because they are associated with the kinds:

name: srlceos01

      kind: srl              # node1 is of srl kind
      type: ixrd2
      kind: ceos             # node2 is of ceos kind
      image: ceos:4.25F

    - endpoints: ["node1:e1-1", "node2:eth1"]

Containerlab supports a fixed number of kinds. Within each predefined kind we store the necessary information that is used to launch the container successfully. The following kinds are supported or in the roadmap of containerlab:

Name Kind Status
Nokia SR Linux srl supported
Nokia SR OS vr-sros supported
Arista cEOS ceos supported
Arista vEOS vr-veos supported
Juniper cRPD crpd supported
Juniper vMX vr-vmx supported
Juniper vQFX vr-vqfx experimental
Cisco XRv9k vr-xrv9k supported
Cisco XRv vr-xrv supported
Dell FTOS vr-ftosv supported
SONiC sonic supported
Linux container linux supported
Linux bridge bridge supported
OvS bridge ovs-bridge supported
mysocketio node mysocketio supported
Keysight ixia-c-one keysight_ixia-c-one supported

Refer to a specific kind documentation article to see the details about it.

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